Welcome to A Bright Beginning: Early Literacy Migrant Program for 3- and 4-Year Olds

A Bright Beginning is an Early Literacy Program for 3- and 4-year old children in the Texas migrant program. A Bright Beginning is a high-quality, research-based resource aligned to the Revised Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines, centered on cross-curricular themes.

A Bright Beginning has been designed for specific age and developmental ranges and includes both content and language objectives. The home-based component includes lessons with emphasis on parent involvement. The center-based component includes lessons with extended curriculum connections in the areas of Phonemic Awareness, Read Aloud, Writing, Math, Science/Social Studies and Home Connections. This program includes 95 home-based and 95 center-based lessons in English and Spanish. Lesson concepts will also be incorporated into appropriate center connections.

Pre- and post-assessments are a part of A Bright Beginning in order to assess the children’s progress in language and literacy. Additional assessments for parents, educators and programs are provided.

Included for free in the Program:
  • Formal and informal assessment tools (English and Spanish)
  • Interactive iBook collection aligned to the nine theme-based units (English and Spanish)
  • Educational apps with an emphasis on literacy and math skills (bilingual)
  • Online professional development
  • Mini-lessons in mathematics, science, social studies and social and emotional development (English and Spanish)
  • Tip sheets for parents (English and Spanish) and educators
  • Best-practice video vignettes for parents (English and Spanish) and educators


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